Dear Fellow Alumnus, Alumna,
Best wishes to you and your family. May all good things come your way.
The year 2019 promises to be a good year for us as an alumni community. With the success of GRAND REUNION OF NETAJI VIDYAPITH RAILWAY HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL ALUMNI on 22nd, 23rd December 2018 at Netaji Vidyapith Rly. H. S. School assembled at school premises on 22nd December 2018 to form a Permanent Committee of Netaji Vidyapith Alumni Association and launched a unique campaign to bring us together, energize, enliven, and serve our alumni community and our Alma Matter Netaji Vidyapith Railway Higher Secondary School, Maligaon, Guwahati 781011.

We feel our focus and theme for now should be:


The new website that we have rolled out in the Eve of New Year embodies this theme.

It is designed to bring us together, provide value, and enable us to achieve some of the goals that we've set for ourselves.

To achieve success, we need your help - because as alumni we are both the ones serving our clientele, and the clientele to be served. As an initiator, we have tried to give our best shot at building, serving, and sustaining the organization, and turn it over to you, potential leaders to grow it even further.

So we are looking for new leaders... and we hope that you will be one of them.

OUR GOAL ..........

To come together, we need to Connect and stay Connected. As a modern trend we provide several types of connections at different levels/segments/networks to enable us to Collaborate better. Now, we have the website having own Unique Mailing Service, and any other network that you can design for yourselves and a group of like-minded alumni. All on one platform.

We also encourage you to use your current  Facebook, Linked-in, and Google+, or other social networks, and provide a two-way connection between your preferred network and the NVPIANíS social and professional network.

To provide and obtain anything of value, we must collaborate. By collaborating we provide Benefits to ourselves and the Alumni Community and importantly by Joining, participating, and benefiting from the various services is the basic level of collaboration. Collaboration takes various forms. We share and build our expertise and business and professional value through special Professional or Social Interest Networks.

You may want to create or join. Collaboration will manifest itself in different forms as you interact with each other to further your own business or social interest.

The objective is to come together and grow the community, benefit by the various connections and grow your careers, professional and social lives, and have fun! That is when we Celebrate our achievements and our friendsí achievements at one annual party or several small local chapter or mini-reunions throughout the year. The Tri Annual batch reunions at Netaji Vidyapith Railway Higher Secondary School, Maligaon, the various Chapter events, and mini-batch reunions will enrich us and will also allow us to celebrate our bonds.

We should never forget our prime intention is well being of our pride Netaji Vidyapith Railway Higher Secondary School and that's the bull's eye we want to hit as that alone can enable us to sustain our pride as NVP alumni.