1st General Meeting of Netaji Vidyapith Alumni Association
Venue: Netaji Vidyapith Rly. H. S. School, Maligaon Auditorium
Date: 22nd December 2018
Sl.   Name of the Member Year of Passing
1   Mr. Ashok Sen 1991
2   Mr. Amitav Nag 1974
3   Mr. Amitabha Choudhury 1991
4   Mr Gautam Kumar Choudhury 1983
5   Dr. Subrata Bose 1972
6   Mr. Kumaresh Ghosh 1965
7   Mr. Swapan Chatterjee 1966
8   Mr Suvendu Banerjee 1972
9   Mr. Sajal Biswas 1972
10   Mr. Sadhan Kumar Ghose 1972
11   Mr. Anirudha Chakraborty 1981
12   Mr. Asish Chatterjee 1981
13   Ms. Rajashree Chatterjee 1981
14   Ms. Moushumi Acherjee Chakraborty 1984
15   Mr. Rajib Adhikary 1984
16   Mr. Keshab Choudhury 1984
17   Mr Joy Shankar Dhar 1976
18   Mr Shyamal Kr. Das 1976
19   Mr. Partha Pratim Ghosh 1976
20   Mr Samir Ghose 1977
21   Mr Krishnapada Das 1979
22   Mr Dilip Kumar Bhattacherjee 1968
23   Mr Atindra Chakraborty 1978
24   Mr Prosenjit Bose 1983
25   Mr Sudip Das 1992
26   Mr Gautam Saha 1973
27   Mr Prasenjit Malakar 1984
28   Mr Haradhan Chakraborty 1984
29   Mr Saurav Mukherjee 1984
30   Ms Rita Das 1992
31   Mr Subhasish Bhadury 1988
32   Mr Dipankar Paul 1988
33   Mr Jawahar Choudhury 1985
34   Mr Soumitra Majumder 1985
35   Ms Dipiak Dhar 1984
36   Ms Lovely Mukherjee 1982
37   Ms Sharbani Das 1995
38   Ms Urmila Dasgupta 1984
39   Mr Soumyadeep Sinha 1983
40   Mr Subrata Bhowmick 1976
41   Mr Arup Kumar Gupta 1984
42   Mr Pradip Kumar Dutta 1969
43   Mr Piyash Dasputa 1984
44   Mr Uttam Saha 1984
45   Mr Ashok Roy 1984
46   Mr Jayanta Sharma 1984
47   Mr Gautam Sanyal 1985
48   Mr Pinaki Dhar 1985
49   Mr Indrajit Dey 1985
50   Mr Amitabha Chakraborty 1985
51   Mr Biswanath Dey 1988
52   Mr Debdeep Bose 1988
53   Mr Avijit Deb Roy 1977
54   Mr Subhamoy Bhattacherjee 1991
55   Mr Bijoy Dey 1984
56   Mr Saraj Saha 1984
57   Mr Tapash Sutradhar 1984
58   Mr Sushanta Dhar 1976
59   Mr Bimal Kanti Sinha 1985
The Meeting Started at 11:25 A.M with Inaugural speech of the president Mr. Ashok Sen. He briefed  about the  activities of NVP Alumni Association since 2012 with it's limited financial capabilities.
The President then invited Sri Paritosh Kansa Banik, 1968 Batch Alumni to Preside over the meeting. The illustrious career of Sri Paritosh Kansa Banik was briefed by the Gen. Secretary Mr. Amitabha Choudhury
Mr. Paritosh Kansa Banik Invited Seniour Alumni, viz.  Mr. Kumaresh Ghosh, Mr. Ratan Dutta, Mr. Swapan Chatterjee to co-chair the meeting with. The Generel Secretary further appraised house about career of the senior alumni, Mr.   Kumaresh Ghosh, Mr. Ratan Dutta, Mr. Swapan Chatterjee
Mr. Paritosh Kansa Banik emphasised the need of Alumni Association stressing that its objectives should be very  clear. He outlined the importance for registration of the association for mass acceptance of its various objectives. He briefed about a vivid picture of “Picutan”which is itself a cultural programm, re-union of alumnus after a prolonged period of 40 or even  50 years amid nostalgic galore.
Mr. Paritash kansa Banik Then invited Mr. K.P. Das to come forward and give his views about the activities of NVP Alumni Association in fiture. Mr. K. P. Das expressed his views that youth and youth and experience both should be the guiding parameters for steering the Association in achieving its goal smoothly
Then all the Alumni alumnus present in the house gave their introduction one after another mention their year of passing
Mr. Amitava Chakraborty of 1985 batch urged for circulating the minutes of the meeting among all the members (both life and general members) through respective email ids.
  Mr. Amitava Nag of stressed the need for evaluating both by laws and resolution Vis - a - vis consensus  acceptance of the house.
  Mr. Paritosh Kansa Banik added that some Dos and Don'ts should be as supplementary to what concluded by Mr. Amitava Nag.
  Dr. Subrata Bose of 1972 batch then read out Aims and Objective of Netaji Vidyapith Alumni Association as chalked out.
  Mr. Kumaresh Ghosh added that Aims and Objective of other Alumni Association could also be referred to and whatever is left out in ours could be derived from others.
  Mr. Swapan Chatterjee of 1966 batch emphasised on participation in management wholeheartedly for redeeming past glory of our school.
  General Secretary made his point that as our Aims and Objective is voluminous so if any addition/modification is required after going thoroughly. Can be suggested within 10 dyas sending to our emailed : nvpalumni@gmail.com
  The house was updated with the information that, the registration of NVP Alumni Association is under society Act which is a states matter. Mr. Sajal Biswas 1972 batch emphasised that, the Society Rules has to adhered with meaning and spirit so to avoid any legal complicacies in coming days
  Mr. Amitava Nag had his opinion that beside protecting the school in our Aims and Objectives, provison should also be there for protecting of alumnus as well
  Mr. Amitava Chakraborty has his personal opinion that there should be atlest 2 lady members in a committee of 15 members and 5 - 7 can be co-opted, this can be passed in the house if so is the consensus.
  NVP Alumni logo presented in the house is unanimously accepted
  Lovely Mukehrjee of 1982 batch and corous presented one theme song that was approved in the house. The Theme Song was thunderously applauded by the house. Ms. Deblina Sengupta of 1987 batch had penned the song and Ms. Lovely Mukherjee composed music for the same. The thanked both of them unified voice.
  Mr. paritosh Kansa banikhad proposed 31st January’19 as the date within which we would receive through email views regarding by laws of the association to be adopted by the new committee
  Mr. Piyash Dasgupta of 1984 batch emphasised inclusion of members’ batch wise in the committee which are very active in the recent past. Mr Sajal Biswas of 1972 batch said there exists some restrictions of the numbers of Executive Members as per the society act.
  Mr. Debdeep Bose of 1988 batch had more or less the same opinion as Mr. Piyash Dasgupta. Senior Members emphasised that, it is not batch wise rather young energetic members who can afford to spare time for the association should be in the team.
  Mr. Paritosh Kansa Banik opined that the President, General Secreatry and the Treasurer should be allowed to continue in the new committee in vies of their excellence towards materialisation of the Pichutan - 3. This is unanimously passed in the house.
  Mr. Parotosh Kansa Banik propsed inclusion of Ms. Lovely Mukehrjee of 1982 batch and Ms Urmila Dasguta of 1984 batch as lady members in the new committee.
  Beside this Mr. Sadhan Kr Ghose (!972 Batch) proposed for inclusion of Members from Delhi etc. in the Committee because the all over participation will help the Association to grow further.
  Other Members of the Committee and Advisory Board selected by the house unanimously.
1. Any suggestion of alteration of the Aim and Objectives should reach on or before 31st January 20
2. Association should made it's Web Site active.
3. New Committee as unanimously elected by the house will Take Over the Office on April 2019 after the Existing Committee completes the process Balance sheet, IT Return etc under the provisions of Society Act of 1860.
4. The Members of The Newly Elected Committee For Next Three Financial Years with effect from Financial Year of 2019 - 2020 and will submit the Balance Sheet, Income Tax Returns etc (as required for statutory fulfilment under law) in due course. The same has to be place in the Annual General Meetings and Web Site for the appraisal of the members.
5. All resolutions should be routed through the Advisory Board. The resolutions may be forwarded to the members through e-mail. If any one does not reply with 7 (seven) days from the date of receipt of e-mail then it will deem to be accepted by the member.
6. Following are the Members of the Newly Elected Committee. Out Station may take over through  e-mail. Date and Time of handing over and taking over of charges will be communicated by the Secretary of the existing acting committee. Secretary of the existing committee should arrange the meeting as soon as the process of submission of Balance Sheet, Income Tax Return Completes.
1. Mr. Poritosh Kansa Banik
2. Mr. Kumaresh Ghosh
3. Mr. Swapan Chatterjee
4. Mr. Ratan Dutta.
5.. Mr. Sadhan Kumar Ghose
6. Dr. Subrata Bose
7, Mr. Suvendu Bhattacherjee
8. Mr. Amitav Nag
9. Dr, Partha Protim Ghosh
10. Mr. Krishnapada Das
1. PRESIDENT Mr. Ashok Sen
2. VICE PRESIDENT Ms. Lovely Mukherjee
3. GENERALSECERETARY Mr. Amitabha Choudhury
  Mr. Biswanath Dey
7, TREASURER Mr. Gautam Saha
8. INTERNAL AUDITOR Mr. Basab Bhattacherjee
9. EXECUTIVE MEMBERS Ms. Urmila Dasgupta
    Mr. Debabrata Deb
    Mr. Gautam Sanyal
    Mr. Archinarayan Roy Choudhury.
    Ms. Rajashree Chakraborty.
    Mr. Avijit Deb Roy
    Mr. Prosenjit Bose
    Mr. Sanjib Dutta
    Mr. Shyamal Kumar Das
    Ms. Moushumi Chakraborty Acherjee (Representing Delhi Gr.)
    Mr. Amitava Chakraborty (Representing Delhi Gr.)